JANEZ BURGER, writer, director and producer

Born 1965 in Kranj, Slovenia. He spent his childhood in Železniki. He studied on Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana and on FAMU in Prague, where he graduated from film and TV direction. He lives in Ljubljana, Slovenia.



- Dream Machine (writer and director), documentary film, 2020

- Ivan (co-writer and director) feature film, 2017

- Martin Krpan (writer) short animated film, 2017

- First 10 (writer and director) short film, 2016

- The Conversations about Vitomil Zupan (director), documentary film, 2014

- Reconciliation (writer and director) short film, 2014

- Driving school (writer and director) feature film, 2014

- The Elderly Parasite or Who is Marko Brecelj? (director) documentary film, 2013

  • Starigrad Paklenica Film Festival, 2013: Velika paklenica award for best directing
  • Portorož, 16th Festival of Slovenian film, 2013: Vesna award for best documentary film, Vesna award for best editing (Miloš Kalusek)
  • DORF Vinkovci 2014: a special award of the jury
  • Days of European Film Prague 2014
  • Motovun Film Festival 2014
  • Grossmann Fantastic Film and Wine Festival 2014 Ljutomer
  • Trainstation Squat Kranj 2014
  • International Documentary Film Festival DOKUDOC 2014 Maribor

- Silent Sonata (writer and director) feature film, 2010

  • Portorož, 13th Festival of Slovenian film 2010: Vesna Award  for best feature film, Vesna Award for best director (Janez Burger), Vesna Award for best make-up (Alenka Nahtigal), Vesna Award for best sound  (Robert Flanagan), Vesna Award  for best music (Drago Ivanuša) in Vesna Award  for best supporting actor (Ravil Sultanov). Kodak Award For best photography (Diviš Marek). Award for the best film (FIPRESCI) by film critics and publicists.
  • Rotterdam, International Film Festival, programme Spectrum
  • Goteborg, International Film Festival
  • Dublin, International Film Festival Jameson
  • Sofia, International Film Festival
  • Seattle, International Film Festival
  • Shanghai, International Film Festival
  • Galway, Film Festival
  • Pula Film Festival, International competition programe
    Best actors award
  • Melbourne, International Film Festival
  • Santa Rosa, International Film Festival
  • Alexandria, International Film Festival, competition programme
    Best artistic achievement award
  • Haifa, International Film Festival
  • Cork, Corona Film Festival
  • Rome, MedFilm Festival

SILENT SONATA is submitted as Slovenian candidate to the Academy Awards in the category Best Foreign-Language Film in 2012.
SILENT SONATA is selected to participate in EUROPEAN FILM AWARDS 2011.

- Sonja (director and writer) feature TV drama, 2007

  • Portorož, 11. Festival of Slovenian film 2008
    Vesna Award for best make-up (Alenka Nahtigal)

- On the Sunny Side of the Alps (director and writer) short feature film, 2007

  • Sarajevo international film festival, BiH, international competition, world premiere (17.-25.8.2007).
  • Festival of Slovene film in Portorož, Slovenia, Slovene premiere (7-14 October 2007),
    Vesna award for best short feature film.
  • Theatre premiere, 15 October 2007 at 20.10 at the Kinodvor Cinema in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
  • Zagreb International Film Festival, Croatia, international competition (21 - 27 October 2007).
  • Warsaw International Film Festival (12 - 21 October 2007).
  • Alpe Adria Cinema - Trieste Film Festival, Italia, international short film competition (17.1. - 24.1.2008),
    Short Film Jury Special mention Award
  • Rotterdam International Film Festival, The Netherlands, UIP Prix competition (23.1. - 3.2.2008).
  • International short & independent film festival in Dhaka, Bangladesh, international competition (14.2. - 22.2.2008).
  • European short film festival, Reus, Spain, european competition (5.3. - 16.3.2008).
  • Sofia International Film Festival, Bulgaria, Best Balkan Short Films (6.3. – 16.3.2008).
  • Film Festival EX-YU FEST, Podgorica, Montenegro (3.3. – 8.3.2008).
  • International Film Festival Corto in Bra, Piemonte, Italy, competition programme (12.3. – 16.3.2008).
  • Paris Tout Court Festival, France, international competition programme (11.3. – 18.3.2008).
  • Film Festival Diagonale 2008, Graz, Austria (1.4. – 6.4.2008).
  • 56th Trento Filmfestival, Italy, international competition (26.4. – 4.5.2008).
  • NexT Film Festival, Bucharest, Romania (7.4. – 13.4.2008).
  • Brussels Shortfilm festival, Belgium, YU films (25.4.-4.5.2008).
  • 5th International Festival Amakula Kampala, Uganda (1.5. – 11.5.2008).
  • International Film Festival Amsterdam Shorts!, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, international competition (28.5. – 1.6.2008).
  • Festroia International Film Festival, Setubal, Portugal (6.6. - 15.6.2008).
  • International Short Film Festival Kratkofil, Banja Luka, BiH, international competition (11.6. – 15.6.2008).
  • Film Festival Côté Court, Pantin, France, Outre mer (10.6. – 21.6.2008).
  • 43rd Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Karlovy Vary,Czech Republic, East of the West (4.7. – 12.7.2008).
  • Cervino CineMountain International Film Festival, Breuil-Cervinia, France, international competition (25.7.- 3.8.2008).
  • Openluchtbioscoop / Open Air Cinema, Rotterdam, The netherlands (21.8.2008).
  • Lessinia Film Festival, Bosco Chiesanuova, Italy, international competition (23. – 31.8.2008).
  • Filmfest Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany, international competition (25.9. - 2.10.2008).
  • International Short Film Festival Detmold, Detmold, Germany, international competition (2.10.-5.10.2008).
  • International Filmfestival Passau, Passau, Germany, international competition (5.11. - 9.11.2008)
  • International Mountain Film Festival, Bansko, Bulgaria, international competition (27.11. - 30.11.2008).
  • International Film Festival Alpi Giulie Cinema 2009, Trieste, Italia, international competition (12.2. - 26.2.2009),
    Best film award, Best screenplay award

- Ruins (director and co-writer) feature film, Emotionfilm, 2004

  • 7th Festival of Slovenian Film 2004: Vesna Award for Best Film, Vesna Award for Best Direction (Janez Burger), Vesna Award for Photography (Simon Tanšek), Vesna Award for Music (Drago Ivanuša), Vesna Award for Best Main Actor (Darko Rundek), Vesna Award for Best Main Actress (Nataša Matjašec), Vesna Award for Best Supporting Actor (Matjaž Tribušon), Vesna Award for Best Supporting Actress (Nataša Burger), Best Film – Audience Award, the Stop magazine awards: for Best Actor (Darko Rundek), for Best Actress (Nataša Matjašec), for Best Episode Actor (Matjaž Tribušon), for Best Promising Actress (Janja Majzelj).
  • International Premiere: Rotterdam Film Festival 2005
  • Lecce Film Festival: Special Reale Mutua Assicurazioni Jury Award
  • The film was shown on numerous film festivals, including Minneapollis, Karlovy Vary, Motovun, Kopenhagen, Sarajevo, Hamburg, Pecs, Kyiv, Braunschweig, Denver, Bratislava, Palm Springs, Chicago, Toronto, Montenegro, Prague, Budapest, Ottawa, Vancouvre….

    Ruins were submitted to the 78th Academy Awards in the category
    Best Foreign-Language Film (Slovenia) in 2006.

- Matura 2000 (director and writer) documentary, 2000

- Novak family (director) feature TV series, 2000

- Idle Running (director and co-writer) feature film, Emotionfilm and TV Slovenija, 1999

  • Portorož, 2nd Festival of Slovenian Film, 1999: Best Feature Film, Best Screenplay, Best Film (Slovenian Film Critics’ Association Jury), Best Film (Audience Jury), the Stop magazine Actor of the Year (Jan Cvitkovič), the Stop magazine Young Actress of the Year (Mojca Fatur)
  • International Premiere: IFF Karlovy Vary 1999, competition
  • Cottbus Film Festival, Germany, 1999: Grand Prix – Best Film of the Festival, Special Prize for Best Actor (Jan Cvitkovič), Special Prize (FICC / IFFS Jury), Findling Award for Best Film (Interessverband Filmkommunikation e. V.)
  • Sarajevo Film Festival, BIH, 1999: Special Jury Prize
  • Montpellier Mediterranean Film Festival, France, 1999: Off Prix Award
  • Kiev Molodist International Film Festival, 1999: Diploma for Second Best Feature Film, Yves Montand Award for Best Actor (Jan Cvitkovič), Special Prize (FICC / IFFS Jury)
  • Brussels Intenational Film Festival, Belgium, 2000: Special Mention of the Jury
  • Milano Film Festival, Italy, 2000: Self Critic Award
  • Moscow, Faces of Love Film Festival, 2000: Grand Prix – Best Film of the Festival, Best Actor (Jan Cvitkovič)
  • Trieste, Alpe-Adria Cinema, 2000: Grand Prix – Best Film of the Festival
  • The film was shown on more than 50 international film festivals, including Karlovy Vary, Montreal, Toronto, Pusan, Thessaloniki, Mar del Plata, Palm Springs, New York, Minneapolis, Sydney, Jerusalem, Goteborg, Beograd,…

- Sweet Little House (director and writer) documentary, TV Slovenija,1998


  • DELTAPLAN (1991, 3 min), documentary
  • ABOUT PEOPLE, TRAINS AND FILTH (1991, 5 min), documentary
  • WAR FILM (1992, 5 min), short feature film
  • TELEVISION MICROSCENE (1992, 10 min), short feature film
  • CONFESSION (1993, 10 min), documentary
  • SOLITUDE (1993, 15 min), short feature film
  • MACEK (1994, 30 min) short feature film – Czech Literary Fund Prize


- Door (director and writer) short feature film, 1989


On Monday, February 8, we finished shooting the series I Wanted to Become a Rock Star 2, directed by Matteo Oleotto.


Serbian director Ivan Ikić and his film Oasis won the “Roberto Roselini” award for best director at the 4th International Film Festival “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” in the Chinese city of Pinjau. Congratulations! 

The film OROSLAN by director Matjaž Ivanišin received the main jury award in the Independent Film section at LIFFE - Leskovac International Film Festival. The jury wrote in its explanation: "With its brilliant concept, imaginative form and witty realization," Oroslan "stands out not only in regional cinematography with its originality, but also deserves an important place on the map of European film with its quality. the tape contributes to the timeless impression of film, which with its copyright may belong more to the golden age of film art in the 1960s and 1970s than it does today. "                                     oroslan

Ivan Ikić's minority co-production OASIS received the Golden Trolley award for the best feature film at the Zagreb Film Festival. The jury wrote in its explanation: “The film shows people who have been isolated all their lives and the world rarely gives them the opportunity to feel successful in something. It’s a creation that transcends the category of best film and the boundaries of best actors; through the process itself, it gives a hand to those who need it, giving actors the opportunity to become exceptional while expressing and showing that love needs little and that these people are capable of it. The Golden Trolley Award goes to the director and his team, who managed not to betray the trust they had gained. That is why they can be the ones who will convey to the world the cry of those whom no one wants to hear. "


We convinced the European Commission with five projects in the European Creative Europe - Media call: four feature films and a short animated film!

Funds were received for the following projects: The Lost Son directed by Darko Štantet, Observation by director Janez Burger, Without Words by Hanna Slak, Freedom or Barbarism by Karpo Godina and Želimir Žilnik, and the short animated film Bimberli written by Andrej Predin and directed by Rok Predin .

OASIS, a film by Serbian director Ivan Ikić, received the award for best European film in the Giornate degli autori section. The award is given by the Europa Cinemas network, whose members are also cinematographers from the Slovenian Art Cinema Network. The jury pointed out in the explanation: ‘’ This is a beautifully shot and very poetic film, which stood out in this year’s Authors ’Days program and was a unanimous selection for the award winner. Ikić's Oasis is a gentle and shocking, but at the same time pure and uncompromising view of the life and love of young people with special needs in a state institution. The director treats his natural actors with a lot of attention and great respect, and they give it back to him with an extremely strong and natural performance. The script is perfectly structured and the photography offers beautiful, unforgettable scenes. This is a movie that viewers should see in the cinema. Perhaps the simplest thing is to say that we can't wait to see this film again as soon as possible. "


OROSLAN, a feature film by Matjaž Ivanišin, won the Vesna Award for supporting role at the 22nd Slovenian Film Festival, which went to Milivoj Miki Roš. Jury's explanation: "Milivoj Roš Miki managed to make such a strong impression in his acting prowess in a few minutes of film narration that it is impossible to imagine a film without him. He moves from acting narration to intimate and bitter confession with incredible ease. Miki showed us again how strong and inspiring the player's charisma can be. "


The feature-length documentary STORKMAN, directed by Tomislav Jelinčič (director of photography: Alan Stanković), received the Audience Award at the 18th Liburnia Festival. Congratulations to the director and the crew!


OROSLAN (director: Matjaž Ivanišin)  received the Brenk Award for top achievements in the field of film, awarded by KINO!. This year, the Municipality of Maribor awarded the director the Glazer Charter for Outstanding Contribution.

The feature film Ivan, directed by Janez Burger, received several Vesna awards at 20th jubilee edition of the Festival of Slovenian Film. Among other awards it was presented with the best feature and the jury explained its choice wiht the following words:"With Ivan Burger created a vertiginous danes of images and sound that take hold of the viewer already in the first scene and don't let go unitl the end. Such a film is a deeply moving comment of the state of mind in contemporary Slovenia, but not only that. Namely, his almost hypnostic oscillating between feelings of yearning and desperation is something we are all familiar with. one way or the other."
More about the awards.


RIDERS, feature film by director Dominik Mencej was selected for RE-ACT co-development funding scheme


Italian premiere of the Liberation Day documentary will be at the Seeyousound International Music Film Festival in Torino - January 27th and regional screening at the Trieste Film Festival - January 22ndLiberation day film

Maruša Majer was with her leading role in Ivan (dir.:Janez Burger) selected for SHOOTING STARS!

“She gives a fearless, gritty and thoroughly soul-bearing quality to her work, that goes under both her and our skins – and refuses to let go. Maruša conveys a female animalism of a rarely seen strength.”
Shooting Stars Berlinale


Bolzano Film Festival Bozen 2016

At the 30th Bolzano Film festival Bozen the Focus Europe section will include 4 films produced by Staragara:

Jan Cvitkovič:
"Bread and Milk" (2011)
"Love on the top of the world" (short, 2015)
- screened on Thursday, 04/14/2016

Janez Burger:
"Idle Running"
(1999 )
"Reconciliation" (short, 2014)
- screened on Saturday, 16/04/2016


TFF 2016 - Trieste, January 30th, 2016

"LOVE ON THE TOP OF THE WORLD" awarded at Trieste Film Festival, Director: Jan Cvitkovič 

EFA nominations 2015


Trieste, January 26th, 2016

Amongs 6 selected project from RE-ACT also 2 co-production documentary films from Staragara:

- "Storks" production Antitalent (Hrvaška)

- "The Lost Dream Team", production Sekvenca (Hrvaška)


EFA 2015 - Berlin, November 7th, 2015

"DANCING WITH MARIA" nominated for prestigious European film award in the category of Documentary films, Director: Ivan Gergolet

Dancing with Maria